Wifi Marketing Powered Loyalty Programs: Utility Umbrella

If you have high-quality products or services, then the Wi-Fi loyalty platform provides you with an opportunity to develop your business. 

Moreover, many small businesses found that free Wi-Fi attracts more foot traffic.

People use smartphones for shopping. If you offer free guest Wi-Fi, then your customers will use it for purchasing and consultancy. At that time, you will get customer data like name, phone number and social profiles. 

All these are legal and very important to generate recurring income. Now, you can use these data to analyze and improve your services.

Wi-Fi loyalty software is a growth tool for business owners and shoppers. 

Why Is It Important?

Most of the entrepreneurs observed huge spikes and growth in their overall sales because it improves customer experience and gives you a competitive advantage in your locality.

Over 70% of brands claim clients spend longer at their premises once they offer free Wi-Fi.

For cafés and bars, customers order additional drinks and beverages, only because they want to use free and fast guest wi-fi.

Secondly, you can promote your products, deals and discounts on the landing page and direct them to your business website or social media pages.

Thirdly, it boosts your SEO ranking and conversion rate. Do you have a website? If you do not have a website or want to improve the website design, then call us to get affordable digital marketing packages for your business.

Utility Umbrella, the best Wi-Fi service provider UK, helps you analyze customer behavior- when you get more/fewer sales and where you need to develop for future growth.

Moreover, you can change the theme, colour and add the brand logo to create brand awareness with our loyalty platform.

Yes, you can do much more than this.

Please book a call with us to know more about our features and services.

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