Best Wi-Fi Service Provider in the UK

Why is Utility Umbrella the best Wi-Fi Service Provider in the UK?

We are a fast-growing company in the UK and provide you with the innovative Wi-Fi service with Wi-Fi loyalty software at the best price

GDPR Compliant Public Wi-Fi

Use our Wi-Fi service to provide the GDPR compliant secure public Wi-Fi in your business place. Prepare a list of customers and send them a promotion. Use all these analytics to understand your customers- their gender, demographics and many others and use all information to promote your branding. Choose UtilityUmbrella as your business partner.

Brand Exposure

Your customers find the fully branded landing page and use your GDPR compliant Wi-Fi. Design your home page nicely and use this opportunity for branding.

Data Collection

Our Wi-Fi loyalty software creates a unique marketing opportunity to target your customers. We collect all the information required for your marketing. Use UtilityUmbrella Wi-Fi service to prepare your marketing campaign.

Prepare Your Marketing Strategy

We prepare your in-store and localized marketing messages for your digital marketing campaign. Use all these customers’ information from UtilityUmbrella and grow your business.

Fast Track Login

Allow your customers the fast track login to use their Facebook account. You will get their Facebook id, interests and Facebook profile picture for your digital marketing campaign.

Use Any Device

Use any device to access this wireless network, share huge files with your team members very easily. Moreover, share your service presentation, ads and videos to your audience and boost your branding.