Checking the Cost: Do Smart Gadgets Save Energy?

Checking the Cost: Do Smart Gadgets Save Energy?

Smart gadgets are gaining popularity these days. Devices are designed to conserve energy and help you track overall utility usage. Switching to a renewable energy supplier will save £4000 in a year. If you want to switch your gas & electricity business energy supplier, please feel free to call us. 

You can use smart lights and gadgets with sensors to automatically turn on and off. Utilising these tools help your business save more. You can turn on/off the lights even remotely when they are not in use.

Switch to LEDs

LED lights are affordable and durable. The average 60 watt of LED consumes nine watts of electricity, whereas CFL uses 13 watts. That might seem to be a small difference, but it makes a huge difference at the end of a year, especially if your business operates 24/7. 

Call Local Utility for an Energy Audit

If you think you are doing everything but paying higher bills, then an energy audit helps you solve this problem. We believe no business is 100% energy efficient, so there is always a gap for improvement. Experts help you to bridge the gap.

They use thermal cameras and other specialised equipment to determine leaking air and suggest scopes of improvement. It is an affordable way to save money. 

Take Advantage of Smart Meters

Many business electricity providers encourage their customers to install smart meters. It not only helps them take a meter reading, but it also helps you analyse the usage of energy. It helps you figure out which equipment or habits consume more energy on your premises. 

Find Better Deals

A better energy deal helps you pay less for your regular energy usage. Switching to renewable energy is a great idea. We can help you to find out better deals for your business utility.

You are one phone call away from saving £4000 each year. Call us, and our market research team will help you find the cheapest deals in your locality.

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