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Before committing to any merchant services in the UK, do your research and analysis to find out the best and most suitable offer for your business.

We bring you the best merchant service offers, plans and pricing in the UK to find the right kind of merchant account and merchant service for your business.
Merchant Services
Merchant Services

The Transaction Process with Utility Umbrella

We have a very smooth and simple transaction process. A merchant account helps your business accept card payments. It holds your money before sending it to your bank account.

After processing your transaction, the money will be paid into your merchant account. It then moves automatically to your business’ bank account. Fees are charged as the last transaction.

Types of Merchant Services in the UK

There are two types of merchant services available, depending on your merchant account.
Dedicated Merchant Services
It provides you with more control financially. It is dedicated to your business. However, this process is complex. You need to provide all credit data, company information, and you need to go through a long writing process.
Aggregate Merchant Services
The process is very simple. It holds all your money in a single shared pool merchant account. However, the rate is not negotiable, and you may have less control in your transactions. However, you can get this service quickly, and at an affordable price.

Why Should You Choose Our Service?

Easy to Use Dashboard

We are focusing on providing you with the simplest dashboard so that you can focus on your business and customers. Get all reports, statistics, and analytics on payments and refunds on your dashboard and scale up your business

No Hidden Charges

We have no setup and integrated service charges. Pay only when you are paid. We have various plans and pricing for you. Choose a suitable service from us.

Card Saving Facilities

We are providing you with the integrated card saving facilities across all businesses so that your customers have a seamless experience everywhere.

Mobile Application Facility

The updated Utility Umbrella mobile application for merchants is very lightweight and easy to use. It can auto-fill your OTP and save your necessary information for a future hassle-free experience.

24/7 Support

We are always up and running to bring you the best merchant service in the UK. You get the service on a priority basis from our well-maintained, experienced and responsive customer support agents.