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Voice Over IP

A cost effective alternative to the old fashion telephone. Get dialling with your unlimited calls covering any geographic location. VoIP works with SIP ready devices, mobiles and even desktops.


Are you losing customers who don’t have cash and need to pay by card? We have you covered. We’ll help you switch over your services or setup your Merchant account and install your PDQ’s as soon as possible.


Get a feel for fibre with the industry’s best. Stay ahead of the competitor with our super fast internet running at x5 the speed of standard broadband. No hidden costs, no setup fees. Check your postcode today.

WiFi Loyalty

Our software is perfect for any business looking to increase the amount of regular and returning customers. A promotional voucher can be designed and launched in seconds which allows you to be tactical about providing customer incentives.


Compare energy prices with just your postcode and an energy bill. Our Utility Umbrella guarantee: you have 14 days to cancel your switch. We often have exclusive tariffs you won’t find anywhere else.

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We Lead from the Front

Our goal is to help thousands of SME businesses to stand out in their industry. Above all, we equip them with the latest technology to deliver excellent products and services. We see our current customers as family members under our wing, consulting and supporting them continually with new solutions and supporting any issues they have.

  • ­We provide all the essential tools for your business to flourish while giving you the consultancy you need to develop as a business owner.
  • ­Let us help you save money so you can invest into what really matters – the future of your business.
  • ­Run your business effectively, all of our services include the full use of features without the added price tag.

Utility Umbrella was designed to go against the grain of society. The principles are simple – Bleed passion, go that extra mile and make someone’s day just that little bit easier.

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We swapped over to Utility Umbrella and have already seen the difference than when we was our previous broadband provider. If there is an issue or query the Utility Umbrella team is one call away, they’re helpful and professional and do their absolute best to answer any questions we may have. They've even made a few personal visits when helping the staff learn how to use the services. I would definitely recommend them for any businesses looking for a better service and provider.

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Curtain Factory Outlet

When signing up with Utility Umbrella we had one store, today we have three stores and expanding couldn't have been easier. Switching to Utility Umbrella was a no-brainer. They saved us 60% on our Merchant services bill and suggested VoIP not only as a cost effective option but to help us stay better connected between branches, I believe both their technical and customer service are superb! Nothing is ever too much trouble, I recommend all business regardless of size to join Utility Umbrella without a second thought!

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We were using VoIP prior to meeting Utility Umbrella, we had first hand experience on how fluid talking to our customers and staff can be. The pricing is very competitive with loads of features included in an already amazing price. Being a customer of 3 years their service has been immaculate, there's always a real person at the end of the phone waiting to assist you should you need help, not an automated system designed to screen your calls. I would recommend anyone who is fed up with the ‘usual’ service we have all come to expect

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15th February 2020 - VoIP Service How UtilityUmbrella Helps You to Manage Your Business Landlines Costs

Introduction UtilityUmbrella provides you with VoIP service at the lowest price. Thus, we can save thousands of money as your business partner. The standard business phone system is costly. You need to buy various hardware and equipment. But with us, you can access the best business landlines at the best price. Here we will talk

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11th February 2020 - Broadband Service How to Switch Broadband Provider in Five Easy Steps

Introduction Many customers complain that their current broadband service provider is not offering standard services. But they do not want to undergo a long hectic process of switching their service. We have heard about your problem, especially from small business owners. Now switching broadband service providers is not a big deal for you. Here, we

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3rd February 2020 - Merchant Service The Best Solution Against New Cash Machine Surcharges

Introduction Free cash machines are vanishing from the poorest area. The two largest free cash machine providers are now charging for cash withdrawal. The poor people in the UK are facing a huge problem, especially those who need to deal with cash.  Now, they have to pay the cash surcharges. But, we need to consider