Work Remotely with VoIP Virtual PBX in Covid Times

Work Remotely with VoIP Virtual PBX in Covid Times

Pandemic changed the way companies usually did business. The toughest challenge is to adapt to the new changes. Here VoIP phone system UK plays a vital role. We understand that no business wants downtime; VoIP provides you with the opportunity to communicate and boost productivity. We can help you set virtual PBX within a day to ensure no downtime in your company. 

Remote Work


Your employees and contractual workers can work remotely and communicate with you in real-time. You can even work from home and save money for office spaces. Our VoIP phone system for small business can do wonders for your brand.

Make and Receive Calls


If you have more than 50 employees, you can still communicate with our VoIP phone system. Employees can communicate with customers through the company’s phone number. Moreover, you can add or remove (manage) users from the dashboard. We have all the rich features you need to grow your brand globally. 



Virtual PBX makes business communication easy for you. Our virtual PBX supports a softphone. It turns your computer and laptop into a telephone. It means you have the flexibility to communicate with other devices, and communication is not restricted to specific SIP phone brands. 

One System for All

As an owner of the brand, you have admin access to the communication. You can add or remove employees and have all the facilities to manage business communication. However, you do not need multiple PBX hardware, so the overall cost drops. All the employees of your brand are on the same virtual system. 

As the best VoIP service provider, we offer unlimited audio and video calls to Europe, USA, and China. Moreover, you can keep your existing phone number while switching to our services. 

If you want to grow your small, midsize business globally, you must use the VoIP phone system. 

If you want to know more about our rich features and pricing, please feel free to book a call. 

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