Will My Energy Supply be Interrupted when I Switch Suppliers?

Will My Energy Supply be Interrupted when I Switch Suppliers?

Most business owners feel a sense of attachment with their existing utility suppliers; they do not want to change the logo on the bills or the number on the bottom of their bills. Many of them worry about the energy interruption at their premises. 

The utility supply will not be interrupted if you switch your energy service provider UK. Only the billing cycle and the rate charged for your energy will change. No one will visit your premises unless you have requested a smart metre installation. 

How Long Does It Take to Switch Energy Suppliers?

It takes a maximum of three weeks to complete the whole process. You can start the process today by filling out the form. One of our market research team members will search for the deals. You need to select the best gas & electricity business energy supplier for your business. We will handle all the processes and guide you in every step. However, do not worry; your energy supply will not be interrupted.

Will I Hear from My New Energy Supplier?

Yes, you will get a welcome email from your new supplier. It means you have agreed to all terms and conditions. Please remember that you need to provide the metre reading when they request it. They will send it to the previous supplier to fetch your bill.

Will I be Billed Twice?

You will not be billed twice for the same period because both energy suppliers agree on a switchover date. Please cancel the direct debit to your old supplier and wait until the switch is complete.

What If I Change My Mind About My Energy Switch?

You should cancel the request within 14 days. If you decide to cancel the request, just contact the new supplier, and they will be able to cancel the switching without interrupting the energy supply. 

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