WiFi Loyalty | WiFi Providers

Delight your guests with WiFi that welcomes them back

Get your guests connected quickly with a password-less login that remembers them when they next return. Brand the entire experience and display your promotions.

  • Become GDPR compliant and legally protected
  • Customise the look and feel of your WiFi
  • Grow your social media followers
  • Set access limits and prevent loitering
  • Use our software to promote your business
WiFi Loyalty | WiFi Providers

Engage with the right guests at exactly the right time

10x your marketing with behavioural email automation. Invite new guests back, reward loyal customers and send out birthday wishes that increase loyalty and return-rate.

  • Increase your online reviews on your social media
  • Send email/sms campaigns to your guests
  • Automate behavioural email marketing
  • Sync your data to third party marketing tools

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