Voice over IP – Spring Update

A spring software update you’ll love.

Back in 2019 we mentioned about our new project, Spring Software Update! It is an umbrella of updates to our existing products, including Cloud PBX, Communicator Desktop, and Communicator GO. We also mentioned a new product called Communicator Meeting.

All of our products at Utility Umbrella connect seamlessly and are designed as a software suite. Together they provide everything you need to communicate, collaborate, and connect.
To make it easier for our readers, we have dedicated separate blog posts with new features coming in Spring Update for each product. Stay tuned for posts specifically about Cloud PBX, Communicator Desktop/Mobile, and Communicator Meeting, where we zoom in on their features!

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Mobile & Desktop App – What’s new?

Communicator Meeting

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In Communicator Meeting, users can video conference, share their screen, instant message, and send file links all at once! Setting up a meeting is extremely easy! Meetings can be preplanned, where users will receive an e-mail notification as a reminder, or spontaneous. With the click of a button, a single or group chat can become a meeting. The simple drag-and-drop feature already used for conference calls and instant messaging is also available for Meeting. Users can add/remove participants as needed and even send invitations to non-communicator users.

Mobile Chat

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The chat function on Communicator Desktop and Mobile has been improved and unified in the newest version! Before, users could only join dynamic/existing conference calls and receive and place calls on mobile. Now the instant messaging feature on Communicator is available on your mobile device. Users now have all the same chat functions from the Desktop version on mobile. Functions like: Group Chat, Name the Chat, Drag-and-Drop Contacts, Search in Message, and File Sharing.

The data syncs between desktop and mobile applications so users will never miss a message.

Wake Up Calls

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, Utility Umbrella

In the Enhanced Services section of PBX Platform, there are two options provided to set Wake-Up Calls:

  • Enhanced Services – Wake-Up Call – *411
  •  Enhanced Services – Operator Wake-Up Call – *412

 The difference between the two options is *411 is a regular Wake-Up Call you create for yourself and *412, Operator Wake-Up Call, allows you to set it for someone else. In both cases, you go through an IVR and give the necessary information regarding the time when the wake-up call will be made. In the IVR, users can also edit, create new, list, or clear all as needed. When you receive a Wake-Up Call, a different IVR is triggered where you can decide to cancel or snooze the call, like you would an alarm.

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