Business VoIP- The Benefits, Disadvantages and How It Works

Business VoIP is the most popular service in the UK. But it also has some disadvantages. Indeed, you can have an unlimited audio and video call service but you need a stable and fast internet connection. However, if you compare the VoIP pricing in the UK with standard phone call costs, then you can save up to 70% with VoIP service.

Advantages of VoIP service

The following are the advantages of VoIP service.


Generally, the price of VoIP service providers in the UK is low and you only have one bill for both phone and internet. As we have already said, it can reduce your phone call costs. Besides that, you can interact with your customers and build your business rapidly.


Indeed, VoIP service is flexible. You can use it on your smartphone and computer. Besides that, it has porting facilities, even you can use it with your landline. The cloud-based VoIP service is both fast and secure. It has also the advantages of holding a video conversation, data files and more.

Service Quality

You will get high-quality audio and video calls. You can make call conferences with your employees. Besides that, the system is upgrading so now you have plenty of options to choose from. You can choose what is perfect for your business and consider the price range. The set up is easy and no maintenance charges.

The Disadvantages of VoIP Phone System

It has some disadvantages. As a VoIP service provider in the UK, we need to be transparent to our customers so we are revealing some disadvantages for you.

Internet Speed

You need a high-speed internet connection like broadband or Wi-Fi. Yes, it is a disadvantage to this service. But in 21 st century, you should have a high-speed internet connection for business.

Bandwidth Requirements

You need higher bandwidth to continue a high-speed call service. Otherwise, the audio and video will be slowed down and you cannot get the satisfaction of unlimited calling facilities. Most service providers like us have overcome this issue because we have better algorithms and hardware for our customers.

Final Verdict 

We know that VoIP service is better than a normal phone system. Even standard phone calls have many issues. The major issue is the VoIP limitations and pricing in the UK. However, through VoIP services, you can easily overcome all the disadvantages and enjoy unlimited calling and other facilities for your business.

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