It is a challenging time for all businesses because the threat of coronavirus hits the stock markets. But the VoIP phone system can navigate you through this tough period of your business. 

Whether you are entrepreneurs or small business owners, our VoIP phone system for small businesses in the UK can ensure a secure income and safe life for your family. 

UtilityUmbrella is a business VoIP provider in the UK. Know more about our plans and pricing.

Keep Social Distance

We always encourage the work from the home method. Yes, it creates a genuine problem in many business areas, but definitely, it does not make a big difference if you have a VoIP phone system. 

If any of your staff, unfortunately, fall ill, you can easily hire a temporary worker to fill the place and do not miss out on any business opportunity.

Control Expenditure

Do not invest much in your small business. Here VoIP phone system ensures the cost-effective method to continue your business progress. It allows you to isolate yourself and work without any office rooms. 

So you do not need high investment at the beginning of your business, especially in this Covid-19 situation.

Track Your Agents

Keep track of all your agents globally through our dashboard. You can monitor their call time, duration, and phone numbers. Even more, you can follow their performance indicator and much more. 

If you are facing any issue or having a complaint, you can check the call record and resolve it, sitting at your home.  

Use Other Features

It has most of the features you need during this pandemic. 

  • Never miss a call, keep a virtual assistant to attain all calls and messages.
  • Create call conferencing to help your employees to stay connected with your business.
  • Your staff can transfer a query from department to department to ensure that your customer should get a quick and effective solution from your service agents.
  • Utilize the full potential of the unlimited and uninterrupted VoIP phone system in the UK. Use this service both on your laptop and on a smartphone.

UtilityUmbrella is a business VoIP provider in the UK. Know more about our plans and pricing. Use our VoIP phone system for small businesses in the UK.

Indeed, this is a pandemic, and you need to worry about business. But with us you are safe, our cloud telephony can solve most of your business problems. 

We take care of your business so that you can take care of your family. You can continue your business as usual without worrying much about Covid-19.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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