PPC Keyword Research Guide: How to Do it Right

Here we will provide the guidelines to do perfect PPC keyword research with free tools. Thus, you can target your audience and generate more leads for your business.

  1. Make a List of PPC Keywords

The PPC KW list should be based on the landing page. Scan the page very well and make a list of important words. How will you identify the words? We will talk about them later in this article.

Some more tips for the listing stage

  • Understand customers’ behavior. You can analyze Google analytics for this. Besides that, the easiest way is to put yourself into your customers’ shoes and search for keyphrases.  
  • Search the longer phrases; these are easy to rank.
  • Try to choose targeted words, which will generate sales.
  • Try to include various synonyms and variations to avoid keyword stuffing.

These are basic knowledge of keywords selection. If you want to know more, then call us and discuss this with our SEO agents.

  1.  Find Words on Google Search Box

Try to find the longer phrases of the main term. Then find out the positive keywords and negative keywords. Include positive keywords in your PPC ads and exclude negative keywords.

For example, if the main keyword is “shoes.”

Then, longer key phrases can be “best shoes for men” or “best shoes for women under….”.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Search Result

Here you will get related searches. Choose long-tail key phrases from the list. This is a list of related searches generated by Google. So you can trust the words.  

  1. Go to Keyword Planner

Google provides this free keyword-planning tool. Once you have listed the negative and positive keywords, search the volume and bid price on this tool. However, the bid price may vary, but you can get the search volumes and keyword difficulty on this. Most of the SEO service providers in UK use this tool to set PPC ads.

In this way, you can start your initial digital marketing journey for your business. But for better results, you should hire the best SEO agency in UK.

 For the best result, you can hire our budget-friendly SEO service in the UK. We provide the most affordable digital marketing packages in the UK. If you need guidance, feel free to call us.

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