More than 5 Fun-Facts about Wi-Fi You Will Love to Know

Wi-Fi is a great technological innovation. Most of the people are aware of what wireless fidelity is – wireless internet connectivity to convey information remotely with the help of a gadget like a smartphone or a laptop. 

But many people do not know these facts related to this technology. Yes, today, we are going to tell you many fun facts and realities about this innovation.

1. Several Other Names

If you think that Wi-Fi is the only name of this wireless technology, then you are wrong. Previously, it had several other names like WaveLAN, DragonFly, IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence, WECA, and FlankSpeed. 

All these names are very complex, so Wi-Fi is the popular name in the market. Wi-Fi was known as Hi-Fi. It means High Fidelity, but later it became Wireless Fidelity.

2. You can Use These Outside of Your Room

You can get access within the range of 50 meters of your room. So if you are not in the room, still you can use this like your cellular data. Much powerful Wi-Fi has a range of 200 KM as well. Yes, this is true.

3. Almost 15 Million Wi-Fi Gadgets

There are almost 15 million Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets worldwide. Simply consider the various devices you have – and you likely have many. If you need the best wifi service provider UK, then Utility Umbrella is the best choice for you.

4. Wi-Fi Uses Radio Waves

Many users do not know that wireless technology uses the radio waves to connect one gadget to another. That is why; it is accessible in so many gadgets. Yes, this is little fundamental of this technology.

5. The Best Blocker

It is interesting to tell you the best Wi-Fi blocker is YOU because the human body has 75% of water. If you stand between your gadgets, it will reduce the speed. Besides that, metal and wood are also wireless blockers. 

6. Harmless for Your Health

This technology utilizes radio waves, so it does not harm your health. Many propose to shut down the gadget when not being used. This is a myth. There is no legal confirmation about this.

So enjoy the fast speed with the best broadband service provider in UK. If you know any other fun facts, please comment down below.

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