Maslow’s Model as Applied to Social Media

Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is very popular in psychology. It was published in “A Theory of Human Motivation” paper in Psychological Review (1943). Since then, it has been applied in education, business and digital marketing. 

As an SMO company UK, today, we are going to explain it to you. 

What is Maslow’s Theory?

It is an attempt to explain human psychology to fulfil needs in order of priority. Many people turn this theory into a pyramid structure. The Five Parts of this pyramid is:

  • Psychological: Breathing, food, water etc.
  • Safety: Security of body, employment, resources etc.
  • Love: Relationship with friends.  
  • Esteem: Self-esteem, self-respect, respect of others. 
  • Self-actualization: creativity, problem-solving, acceptance of facts etc.

For digital marketing experts and business owners, the fifth part is very important. 

Please note that Maslow never envisioned this pyramid-shaped diagram. 

The theory is we should fulfil the lower level needs before we can desire self-actualization. 

Criticism of This Theory

We know that the function of the human brain is very complex. The basic need is survival or ‘psychological needs’. That is why; it is the base of the pyramid. 

However, some criticisms are: 

1. Human necessities are often pursued non-hierarchically.

2. It does not address the role of culture and social connections.

Maslow’s Model and Social Media Platforms

Technology is the new invention, but if we implement it in digital marketing, then businesses should first focus on social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) before they show creativity on their personal website. 

Besides that, it also helps you to analyze the necessity and importance of your products/ services in the market. What are you providing- basic needs or self-actualization? 

It also shows the importance of a community and relation. As a social media marketing agency London, we know the importance of these platforms. An active social media presence gives you the following benefits:

  • It builds a community.
  • Customers can freely interact with you.
  • It drives targeted traffic to generate leads and sales.
  • It improves your website ranking.

Yes, there are many benefits. If you do not have a good social presence, then you are missing the opportunity. People are searching for your products/services. 

Please feel free to call us to grow your social presence and business with Utility Umbrella. 

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