Why Do You Need a 5% Marketing Budget?

Many of our clients ask this question. That is why our digital marketing company experts have requested to write a blog post on this.

We suggest you should invest a minimum of 5% of your revenue for marketing. However, it depends on your strategy.

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The 5% Rule

Yes, you should think about your marketing budget before consulting with a digital marketing agency UK. Most of the agencies do not include paid advertising cost in the actual budget because it depends on your needs.

Updating Website

You may have to exceed your 5% marketing budget to update your website once in every 3 to 5 years with the latest paid tools and services.

For example, an upgraded, user-friendly, attractive website is the best branding and marketing technique. Why? Your website is available for both presenting and selling your services 24/7.

Spending Variables

Here we will guide you to understand the correct view of your spending variables. There are certain internal and external factors, which may result in fluctuating spending. Moreover, opening a new business requires more spending.

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Drives Revenue

Branding with sufficient budget will do wonder for you. Indeed this is the most affordable way to promote your products/services.

Brand Marketing

Our content marketers offer consistent, engaging and valuable information to your customers. Thus, we will help you to build loyalty and brand awareness. 

Moreover, you will get leads and sales. Our experts will search the latest trending topics to send traffic on your website. We will run targeted ads to create brand awareness.

Press Release 

We will create press releases to attract media and public attention. Here we upload company updates, hiring news, promotions, sales news, and many others.

Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the first priority of our experts. Our professionals will manage online and social media platforms, rating and reviews.

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