5 Business VoIP Phone Features that will Make Your Work Day Easier

To run a successful business, we need to have a hassle-free way of communicating with clients. 

IP phones play a vital role to communicate with clients or business partners. 

It has awesome features, which will surprise you. If you are still waiting to get an IP connection, you must contact the VoIP provider London

Utility Umbrella provides awesome features and offers for its customers. You can enjoy exclusive offers as a new user for your business calls. 

Now let’s have a look at features which will make your work easier.

Port your old number 

When a business owner switches their phone system, their main concern is not to lose its customer base. Many of them do not want new numbers.  

Here, you do not need to worry, because VoIP allows you to port your old number and it costs nothing.


For a small company, installation of approx 30-40 phones may take a few days. This can cause trouble for your work. 

However, VoIP works on plug and play functionality. There is no need to mess up your work for long hours or days. 

Call recording function

The call recording feature is one of the most useful things for a company. It helps your business from potential legal action. Sometimes it also can be used for feedback or training purposes. 

Switch to Utility Umbrella for free of cost call recording feature. You do not need to install any additional software or hardware for that. 

Toll-free and local numbers

When you switch to our VoIP phone system, then you will get an offer for an inexpensive toll-free number. Your customers can call you from any location.

The option of call logging

The call logging option allows you to track unauthorized and fraud calls. When you use a VoIP phone system for small business, it will help you log calls and keep track of calls for your marketing needs. 

There are many things which you can enjoy with VoIP phones. To know more, please feel free to book a call with us and avail of these facilities.

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