Top 5 SMO Tips to Boost Your Website Ranking

It is the best time to improve your online presence with the help of SMO. Right SMO strategy and strong social media presence build an online reputation of your brand. 

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Today we are going to share 5 SMO tips to boost your website traffic and increase brand awareness. 

Focus on keywords

Keywords play an important role in SMO because it helps to boost the ranking of the profiles. Please use the industry keywords naturally; otherwise, it may look spammy or promotional. 

Use targeted keywords

The use of exact keywords in posts improves engagement. While sharing content on social platforms, you should use selected keywords in hashtag, links and posts. 

Please select keywords wisely in hashtags to make your social media post rank higher on trending topics.  

Post quality content

Content is the king, well researched and unique content is one of the most important things which boost the SMO. Google changes its algorithm frequently, but one thing remains constant, and that is quality content. So, always post informative contents on social platforms.

Micro Posts

Micro posts are very small posts of approx two sentences with information. With the help of micro-posting, you can improve your brand awareness. It can be utilized to fuel trending social media posts. 

We hope these tips are helpful for you. If you want to improve online visibility and run ads to generate more leads and sales, you should hire a social media agency in Scotland

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