Looking for a Wi-Fi Loyalty Program for a Small Business?

The most significant part for a small business is customer data acquisition, and our Wi-Fi loyalty software will help you to do this.

For a small business, it is not easy to get loyal customers and make their brand stand out from all others. If you are in a competitive industry, then Utility Umbrella can offer you an all in one solution at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi loyalty program, then please feel free to book a call with us.

Collecting Customers Data

If you hire any third party company to collect data, then it will be very expensive. But you can choose our fast and secure Wi-Fi service and install our software to capture customers’ data. All these are affordable and specially designed for small business owners. Thanks to the new technology.

Collecting Data Using Guest Wi-Fi

The process is very simple. Your Wi-Fi access point will always accept the signals sent by Wi-Fi enabled devices (of your customers) such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. After that, your device will capture the MAC (Media Access Control) addresses of customers’ devices. 

Besides that, when they log in using their social media account, you will get the profile information to retarget by offering discounts, and promotions. 

Thus, after a few years, you will have a large customer base to get recurring income.

Using Wi-Fi Analytics for Marketing

After collecting customer data, you can start analyzing them to find the ‘hotspot’ of your company, based on the demographics, gender and overall behaviour.

Now you can take the right approach to improve the product features and customer satisfaction. 

Indeed, these are very important. If you want to sustain and grow your business for the long run, then you should choose the best Wi-Fi service provider UK.

Please do not hesitate to book a free business consultation with our experts.

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