How Do I Set up Free Wi-Fi for My Customers

Wi-Fi loyalty software is a great way to increase customer loyalty and boost revenue. Setting up free Wi-Fi is not very difficult. 

Utility Umbrella is the best wifi provider. If you do not know how to set up this facility at your premises, then this article is for you.

Follow these steps to set up a Wi-Fi loyalty program. If you have questions or doubts about this process, do not hesitate to book a call with us. Our customer service agents will explain this to you.

1. Choose a Reliable ISP

Choosing a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the most important step. You can browse on Google to choose the best ISP, but you will miss the best deal if you do not compare the pricing with Utility Umbrella.

2. Choose a High-bandwidth Plan

Choose the high speed and high bandwidth plan at the lowest price. Book a call with us to know more about our affordable plans. 

Book a call with us

3. Install the Equipment

We will install the latest and upgraded equipment at your premises. However, it would be best if you had a modem/ router. This one-time setup is very simple, and we will handle everything.

4. Guest Network

Set a guest network for your customers. Please remember that you have to enable WPA/WPA2 encryption. Thus, customers will log in to your free Wi-Fi on this ‘public’ network, and you will use the ‘private’ network.   

5. Set up a Theme

Now, you can choose your brand colour, logo and set up your website address as the landing page on our Wi-Fi loyalty software. We have a user-friendly interface and secure service to provide the best experience to your customers.

6. Prevent Sites

You can block some sites like YouTube or Netflix to ensure a fast connection. However, you can offer unlimited browsing with our high bandwidth Wi-Fi network.

7. Communicate the Wi-Fi Password

It would be best if you kept the Wi-Fi password behind the checkout counter. In this way, only paying customers can access it at your premises.  

Effective Use of Wi-Fi loyalty Program

  • You can use this Wi-Fi marketing to increase customer loyalty and business revenues.
  • You can save the customer information to promote offers and discounts.
  • You should use this information to analyze customer behaviour and generate recurring income.
  • You can set the website as the landing page and improve your website SEO.  
  • Attract more foot traffic.
  • Engage your customers so that they spend more time and money on your premises.
  • Thus, boost the overall business revenue.

Utility Umbrella is a popular best wifi providers UK. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Moreover, we have several blogs on the effective use of the Wi-Fi loyalty program; please read them to know more about this program.

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