Starting a Business in Liverpool

Starting a Business in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city with a rich musical heritage. However, it offers much more than the Beatles and Boats. If you are an entrepreneur, then this blog is for you. We are going to tell you about business opportunities in Liverpool. 

Utility Umbrella is a B2B service provider; we can help you to lower business costs in the UK.

Enterprise Park

Liverpool Innovation Park offers something for every biz. It is one of the popular enterprise parks in Liverpool. It offers office space, networking opportunities and services- all within one central hub.

Superport offers real estate opportunities. It will launch a deep-water terminal to extend its reach and services to 95% of the world’s largest container ships.

Indeed, the opportunity is flourishing, and it is a great place for entrepreneurs.

Start-ups Support

The city has an established support network for small biz owners. However, it has had the lowest numbers of small businesses in recent years with 179 SMEs per 10000 people (approx).

However, LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) focuses on creating the best conditions for company growth.

Role of Utility Umbrella

We offer an all-in-one solution for SMEs. Our services are VoIP, Payment, Utility and Broadband. All these are essential for your business growth. We also offer COMBOs if you choose more than one service from us. 


It offers low cost business calls for start-ups. Now make and receive calls with your employees and customers on your laptop and smartphone.

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Payment Service

Now offer more payment modes and grow your in-store and e-commerce sales.

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Enjoy fast and secure internet service. Please use our Wi-Fi loyalty software to create a customer base for your business.  

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Switch your business utility supplier and find the best deals in your locality.

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In short, Liverpool offers a range of B2B services to kick-start your journey. If you want to grow your business in Liverpool or London, please feel free to call us.

Please book a 15 minutes phone call with our business experts to know more about the business opportunities and growth.

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