The Small Business Utilities Jargon Buster

The Small Business Utilities Jargon Buster

If you are starting a business, you have to adapt to new technologies. We suggest you read this post to promote your brand and make you sound smarter.


The acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It represents cheap business phones that run on the internet. It is a modern form of the phone line, and the terminologies cloud voice or iPBX also refer to the same thing.


We have often heard the term fibre optics, but what does it mean? Well, fibre refers to broadband that utilizes fibre optic cables to transfer packets of data. They are faster than the traditional copper ones. So next time, when you hear fibre, be sure that it is related to the internet.


It is the acronym of Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. So ADSL symbolizes the internet connection that works in the traditional format, meaning copper cables and a fixed phone line.


The terminology refers to connecting devices like laptops and smartphones via a wireless connection. It is the best way to capture customers’ information. Use our loyalty software and offer guest Wi-Fi to your customers. Later you can use these to market your products and services.  

Public Wi-Fi

When the term Public is attached to Wi-Fi, it represents an internet connection that is accessible to a wide range of audiences. Public Wi-Fi or guest Wi-Fi is common in cafés and libraries.

Wi-Fi Loyalty

Our loyalty software helps you to create a loyal customer base and market your products and services easily.

PCI Compliance

A very widely used Payment Card Industry compliance promises a very protective and safe transaction via cards.

Utility Umbrella provides VoIP, electronic payments, broadband services. If you are going to start a new business, then feel free to get a quote from us.

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