Business Benefits of Wi-Fi Marketing in 2021

In 2021, most of the small businesses offer free in-store Wi-Fi to guests. It helps you to keep up with customer demand and the trends that your industry follows.

Moreover, Wi-Fi loyalty software helps you in various ways- it boosts sales and generates potential leads.

In short, most of the people have Wi-Fi enabled devices and 85% of customers prefer to consult their phones during shopping. We allow you to reach clients at that time to boost your revenues.

Gather Customer Data

It is not only a great way to offer value but also helps you to get customer information. Yes, it will benefit shoppers as well. Please contact us for the best wi-fi service UK.

Learn about Your Clients

Customers can log in to your guest Wi-Fi through their Facebook profile and that allows you to access significant data to know more about them. Although they can log in with their mobile number, still our software saves the phone numbers, and you can use them for promotional activities.

Send Push Notifications to Customers

You can send push notification to customers near your locations to promote your deals and discounts. Indeed, these features increase the return of customers and grow your business.

Share Information on Landing Pages

Now, you can create a dedicated landing page to promote your products and services. Besides that, you can share facts, news and other updates. 

Overall, it makes your customers feel that they are dealing with a brand. It helps in your brand awareness. Do not spend money on ads; use this new technology to promote your brand.

Subscribers and Followers

Now you can request them to provide feedback, reviews and follow you on various social channels. Thus, you can create relevant and engaging subscribers to promote your products on different platforms. Moreover, you can send traffic to your business website and boost your ranking.

If you have a small start-up, then increase the foot traffic with the Wi-Fi loyalty platform. Please feel free to call us to know more about this.

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