Best Wifi Service Provider in the UK that Connected Your Customer Quickly

UtilityUmbrella is the best wifi service provider UK. The Wifi loyalty platform offers varied exciting services that customers can avail from your free Wifi. The software license is available for £99,99, much competitive as compared to other internet providers. Known for the fastest internet speed and a robust internet connection, UtilityUmbrella Wifi service has become sought-after for many businesses. Customers can watch their favorite shows, stream high-definition videos, watch Netflix series on the go and can even play high-resolution games easily. It offers seamless internet connectivity with guaranteed uptime to its customers. 

When customers connect their systems with the Wifi, they enroll in your loyalty program. The other Wifi loyalty programs are complex and expensive. With our intuitive marketing tool, you are able to create an automated loyalty program for customers where they can enjoy the benefits and at the same time, you can market them your business services and products. With this, they can be used as a marketing source where just for the cost of a free Wifi you are able to reach an interested audience that might purchase your services instantly.

Why UtilityUmbrella?

  • Free Wifi for customers
  • Data collection of customers including sessions, age, and gender
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Customizable promotions and instant messages
  • Intuitive Interface

The company is providing all the aforementioned services to its clients. It has become the best Wifi service provider UK spearheading the internet industry to the next level. You can easily customize the look and feel of the Wifi. You can then market your ads and promotions to the customers on their devices. With our Wifi Loyalty Platform, the database of the customers will be automatically created along with their data usage. Marketing through emails and messages will be much easy. All the services are GDPR compliant, no need to worry about the privacy of the customers when they use your free Wifi. Want to know more about our Wifi Loyalty Platform, book an appointment with UtilityUmbrella, the best wifi service provider UK.

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