5 Types of VoIP Services You Should Know About


VoIP is a flexible service. You can convert your land phone, using a converter box. All large-scale companies, even many small-scale companies, are using this service in the UK. If you want more interaction with your customers, then this is the best possible way in the UK. There are various VoIP services for different purposes. Here we are revealing the top 5 best VoIP services for your business.

Mobile Based VoIP Service

Mobile-based VoIP and software-based VoIP are more or less similar. But Mobile based VoIP service is more user friendly. For instance, Whatsapp messenger or Skype messenger is the most popular example. You can use it on your cellular and Wi-Fi network. The advent of smartphones opens a new direction of VoIP services as many customers are using it for its availability and usefulness. This is the best VoIP service for small businesses.

Phone-Based VoIP Service

You can use a broadband internet connection with your landline. Many VoIP service providers come with a converter box to transmit the digitized signal of a voice call. Now you can use your existing landline number for your business, using the phone-based VoIP service. This is very essential for small businesses in the UK because they have to prepare and maintain a long list of customers and interact with them.

Software Based VoIP Service

You can use this service on your computer. The software such as Skype and Google Talk are examples of these services. This service provides front-end software for phone calling facility and back end software for call routing. This is also an important VoIP service that most businesspersons are using to scale up their business.

Business VoIP Service

This service allows eliminating international and long-distance phone call charges. Besides that, you can use a minimum of 20 individual phone numbers for your organization. This is best for large-scale business. It is used to provide large numbers of users in a single account.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Service

This is the modern and trending VoIP service. It is also known as Virtual PBX or IP PBX.  This service is fast, smooth and user friendly. But you need some technical knowledge to use this service. On the other hand, your data is safe and secure. All service providers use hosting instead of on-premise hardware. Moreover, you can use it for audio and video call conferencing, intelligent call routing.


These are the 5 main VoIP services for all businesses. Among these, the cloud-based VoIP services are the latest version. You should use this service to enhance your business and interact with your customer very easily.

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