VoIP vs Landline: Which Is More Reliable?

As a VoIP provider London, we think VoIP is the future of business telephony. It has outperformed the analogue phone system in many aspects. However, many people think VoIP is not a reliable alternative to traditional phones.

Here we want to suggest you have a high-speed internet connection that ensures HD voice calls and 99.95% uptime. 

BT is going to shut down its ISDN and PSTN network by 2025. This is high –time to switch to the IP service in the UK. BT shutoff of phone lines may affect your business. 

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In fact, per-user costs for VoIP are now about half the cost of landline services.

Indeed IP is the future of business telephony because the ageing infrastructure of analogue systems is too expensive to upkeep; that is why telephone companies are shifting to Voice over IP technology. It is more reliable, flexible and affordable. 

IP telephony uses the internet connection to make calls. Moreover, it has an additional layer of security, breaks voice into data packets, and sends it over to the internet. 

What If Your Internet Connection Goes Down?

Here you can use the advanced function of the service. You can call using your mobile (LTE) connection. Moreover, you could have a backup power source to keep your intent connection steady. 

However, reliability is not the only factor to choose. There are other reasons such as


Another point we would like to mention is scalable pricing. Small business owners like to choose the basic package at a lower price and switch to premium plans when their businesses grow. 

Monthly subscription-based contracts allow you to take advantage of hardware and software advancement features. 


You can use this system on your laptop and smartphone. Now do not miss important business calls. 

Lower Call Rate

Local call rates give it a competitive age in the market. With Utility Umbrella, you can make unlimited video and audio calls to the USA, Europe and China. You will get unlimited UK calls for your business

Will VoIP also Become Obsolete?

We do not think that. We believe VoIP will evolve and add new functions for customers’ needs. Yes, it is a competitive market, and that is why as a business calls provider, we are hopeful about this technology. 

Moreover, it adds a greater layer of security and reliability in the future. It boosts your productivity and collaboration and offers more features than a traditional phone system.

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