Does VoIP Require a Service Provider?

VoIP facilitates video and audio calls using an internet connection instead of a local telephone company. It converts the voice into a digital signal and sends it over the internet. 

The digital signal is uncompressed into sound on the receiving end, and you can hear it through your handset. Here the provider sets the calls between the participants. That is why it requires a service provider. 

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Why Should You Choose VoIP?

Business owners like to use VoIP because it is cheaper than a traditional phone system. We provide unlimited audio and video HD calling to the USA, Europe and China. Besides that, you do not need copper wire, and you can save money on hardware. 

Now you can receive calls anytime, anywhere. Our service is compatible with a cordless desk phone and smartphone. You can even use it on your laptop. Now, improve the customer experience and boost productivity and collaboration with the latest technologies. 

Here we want to share some important information related to IP phone systems.

  • Desk phone and SIP server are parts of VoIP configuration. 
  • It would be best if you had a high-speed internet connection for this service. 
  • For cloud-based VoIP, your data is stored in the cloud. 

Why Do Businesses Use VoIP?

It is the best way to provide reliable phone service to your employees. However, reliability is not the only factor in using this service. There are other reasons such as

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Lower Cost
  • Integration
  • Advanced Features
  • No Contract Terms (with us)

It has outperformed the analogue phone system in every aspect. Moreover, BT is going to shut down its ISDN and PSTN network by 2025. This is high –time to switch to the VoIP service in the UK.

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