Top Ways to Improve your VoIP Call Quality

Dropped or interrupted calls are very frustrating. So, what should you do, if your VoIP is not working properly?A better VoIP experience begins with choosing a high-quality VoIP provider London

Read these tips to improve your overall experience with Voice over IP. 

Invest in a high-quality headset

The problem while calling may be related to hardware. Therefore you should opt for the best quality headset to enjoy the benefits of VoIP calls.

Resolve the jitterbug

Due to network error or poor configuration, sometimes data packages arrive in the wrong order. This problem is called jitter.If the problem is minor, you can fix it by upgrading the ethernet cable. 

Ditch the Wi-Fi for DECT

In an office, many devices are connected with your Wi-Fi connection. In this situation, you may face a slow internet connection. When you are away from your desk, and you have to make a business call, you should use DECT. DECT has its own radio frequency which makes your call less interrupted. 

Switch to the best provider 

To enjoy hIgh-quality unlimited calls, you need to choose the best VoIP phone system for small businessWe offer calls to 73 countries with unlimited business calls to the UK, USA, Europe and China.

Why should you choose Utility Umbrella?

Utility Umbrella is an all in one solution for all your business requirements in the UK. 

We believe in customer’s satisfaction. Therefore we offer VoIP calling at the best price. That means you will get an excellent calling service at an affordable rate. 

We do not have contracted terms, choose us as your partner, if you do not like our services, you can leave tomorrow. Apart from that, you will get 24×7 customer support. The customer care team will resolve the calling glitches as soon as possible. 

Please feel free to book a call with us.

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