The 10 Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile

If you are a business person or an artist, you need a good social media profile to reach your audience. It will help you to interact with your fans and improve your brand image. How can you do this? Here are the top ten elements of a successful profile.

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1. Your Name

The name that shows on your social media account should be your real name, correct? Generally, this is true. But on many platforms like Twitter, you can use other names related to your business as well.

2. Your Username and URL

Choose your username carefully, because this will be your online identity. This is not the same as your profile name. In most cases, you cannot change the username and URL.

3. Your Picture

If you are creating a business account, then use a high-quality business logo as a profile picture. If it is your account, then set a professional photo as a profile picture. Remember, this is the first impression your customers have.  

4. Your Followers

Show the number of followers on your home screen. Do not attempt to get fake followers. A few real followers will make your years. However, it depends on your online platforms.

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5. Your Bio and About

The Bio and About is a way to convince your customers. Many customers who visit your profile, first read these to know more about your company. So phrase these lines very carefully.  

6. Your Likes

Many platforms such as Facebook allows you to express your likes and interests. It will maintain transparency between you and your audience.

7. Cover Images

This is a bigger image behind your profile photo. Set your business-related well-designed image as your cover photo. It is like the decoration of your account.

8. Your Settings

Here you have to change your privacy and set your data restriction. As an organization, you should not open all data for the customers. So do this carefully. However, you can change it later.

9. Your Actions

You need to upload regular updates. As a businessperson, you cannot create well-designed photos and upload daily on various platforms. So it would be best if you had a professional for this.

10. Interlinking Platforms

Add your website address and other social media links on your account. This will help you to ensure authenticity and followers as well.

Still, there are plenty of things to do. Our experts will ensure the quality and authenticity of your social media account. If you have questions, please feel free to call us directly.  

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