Social Media Marketing Trends You Should not Ignore

As a digital marketer, we use social media platforms as a tool for generating more traffic and leads for our clients. Utility Umbrella is a popular social media marketing agency in London. We provide the most affordable packages to all small and mid-size businesses.

In our working experience, we have found significant marketing trends in 2020-2021. Here we are going to tell you some of the trends that we follow.

Trend 1: Video Content is the Best

We have found that video contents are more engaging and lead generating than simple images or long posts. For a business perspective, you need to engage your audience and build trust and authority. Here you should focus more on videos—upload informational videos on your social platforms for better results.

Trend 2: Business Stories and Updates

You should interact with your followers on social media platforms and provide updates and stories related to your business. In fact, you should create a story, which is more visual than text.

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Trend 3: Augmented Reality is the Future

AR technology can drastically change digital marketing. Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters and lenses are great examples of this augmented reality in the real world.

Trend 4: Social Marketplaces

The social marketplace or the combination of e-commerce and social media platforms allows customers to buy products without being logged out from a social media platform. For all of these features, running a paid campaign will give you more leads.  

Trend 5: Customer Service

Here, many people think that chatbot is the future. But we think there is no better way than human interaction. You should spend time and money to interact with your audience on social media. Nobody likes to chat with a robot, so human interaction will provide better customer satisfaction.

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