Merchant Account Provider

Merchant Account Provider

Merchant Account Providers UK

Merchant Service Provider is a big part of your business. If you want to scale us your business and focus on customer behavior, then be a partner with us. We give you a simple interface to access all of these. Moreover, our payment gateway is safe and fast. We bring you the opportunity to scale up your business globally.

The Process of Transaction

We have a smooth and secure transaction process.

Step 1

Your customer initiates a transaction.

Step 2

Transaction information is sent to us.

Step 3

We send it to the card association such as VISA, Mastercard and many other associates.

Step 4

This card association sends all information to your customer’s bank.

Step 5

Your customer’s bank checks the availability of funds in the account and approves the payment.

Step 6

The card association confirms the transaction with us. We then complete the transaction.

Why Should You Choose Our Service?

Accepted Payment Modes
We provide the facility to accept all international and domestic debit and credit cards for the transaction. We also provide upgraded software so that you can accept payment on Net banking, EMI, UPI and Wallet payments. Thus, Utility Umbrella is the best merchant service provider in the UK.

Safe and Secure Service
We have dedicated internal security and regular third-party audits to ensure your information and data analytics are always safe and secure.

Analyze Payment Statistics
Get access to all insights and real-time data to make a better business decision. Analyze all-important stats and much more on our dedicated and simple dashboard.

Integration is Free
Take your business to the next level by integrating our merchant service with zero integration cost. Integration is very simple; just follow a few simple steps with us. You can get currency conversion facilities and scale up your business globally.

No Hidden Charges
We have no setup and integrated service charges. Pay only when you are paid. We have various plans and pricing for you. Choose a suitable service with us.

Mobile Application Facility
The updated Utility Umbrella mobile application for merchants is very lightweight and easy to use. It can auto-fill your OTP and save your necessary information for a future hassle-free experience.

24/7 Support
We are always up and running to bring you the best merchant service in the UK. You get the service on a priority basis from our well-maintained, experienced and responsive customer support agents

With Utility Umbrella You can Get


Local Currency Converter

Simple Integration

No Hidden Charges

Hassle-Free Experience