How to Lower the Business Energy Bill by 50%?

For many businesses, the monthly energy consumption bill is one of the biggest expenses. Reducing the energy consumption bill is a great idea, and it keeps your business under budget.

Here are some tips to lower the business bills by 50%:

Do your own energy audit 

Audit your company’s energy usage for at least a month. This will help you cut off energy from unused sources. If you are looking for the best energy provider for business. You must compare the energy service and find out the best one for your business.

Utilise dimmer switches 

Utilising dimmer switches is a great way to minimise your electric bills. Dimmer switches restart after every 120 seconds thus automatically modulate how much energy is needed.

Cut off energy when not in use 

Always remember to switch off the fans, lights and other things where energy is not required. Ask your employees to follow this in their routine.

Keep your refrigerator coils clean 

Dirty coils make your fridge work harder, so always clean coils on a regular basis.

Save energy on air conditioners  

Air conditioners are among the top energy consumption devices. There are different ways through which we can save energy on air conditioners. Below are some:

  • Please use ceiling fans to cool the area quickly.
  • Using an attic ceiling fan on the top floor or room can reduce hot air and cool the room quickly.
  • Keeping the sun out by closing the window curtains down. You should use tinted window films to reduce air conditioner energy consumption.

Use LED Lights

LED lights consume less energy as compared to electric bulbs or tube lights. This can save your lighting energy consumption by almost 90%.

Install outdoor solar lighting  

This is the best way to save electric energy by using solar lights instead of normal lights at night outside your area.

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