How to Know My Broadband Download Speed?

How to Know My Broadband Download Speed?

You need to check certain facts to ensure your broadband is performing well. However, you do not need any costly software for this. Only a web browser is enough. Checking the broadband speed is not a very difficult task. 

You must know the bandwidth of your internet connection; only then you can compare two broadband services in UK and draw a conclusion. 

Many websites are available online to check the download speed. You should check the speed at least on five websites. The internet speed is measured by Mbps (Megabyte per second). The online checking website will show you both download and upload speed. 

Do you know what is more important between these two?

Download Speed: The speed (in Mbps) it takes to download data from the server. 

Upload Speed: The speed of sending data (in Mbps) from your computer to the server. 

Most people prefer the Download Speed to browse information online. However, for a business owner, Upload Speed is also important. 60 Mbps is the average download speed in the UK, and 20 Mbps is the average upload speed. 

It means, if your provider allows a speed of more than 100 Mbps then, it is great. Otherwise, you should change the service provider. 

However, most of the providers do not offer you good upload speed. We understand that uploading videos, documents, and other files is very important for small businesses. That is why we offer the fastest upload speed in the UK. If you want to change the service provider, please visit our service page to know the availability of our service in your locality.

You can do the following things to increase the broadband speed:

  • You can use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.
  • Clean Temporary, Recent Files from the device. 
  • Add fewer devices to increase the speed of the connection. 
  • Update driver and related software.

If you are still facing the same issue, then it is time to switch to the best broadband service provider in UK; Book a call with us to get attractive business broadband plans with high upload and download speeds. 

Check your broadband speed, if you are not satisfied, Book a Call with Us.

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