Business Phone System: Utility Umbrella VoIP

VoIP is the latest business phone system. Many small business owners in the UK have adopted this technology. However, the question is why you should choose it. Today, we are going to talk about it. 

BT is going to shut down its ISDN and PSTN network by 2025. This is high –time to switch to the VoIP service in the UK. It is the best alternative to traditional phone systems. 

Why Would Someone Use a VoIP phone?

Here we are going to tell you five reasons for it.


It is a time tested solution and reliable if you have high-speed internet.

Low Call Cost

We offer the lowest VoIP plans in the UK without any hidden fees. Besides that, you will get unlimited audio and video calling facilities in the USA, Europe and China. 


It is the best solution for small businesses because it is scalable. You can start with the basic package and grow your business with us. 

Call Monitoring

You can analyse and monitor all calls on our user-friendly dashboard. 

Do Not Miss Calls

You can receive and make calls on your computer, smartphone, and laptop. In addition, it comes with a call forwarding facility. Now, do not miss important business calls with the VoIP phone system.  

Our Packages Include

Free desk phones

We offer free desk phones. Unlike an analogue phone, it has a low maintenance cost.

Mobile apps

You can take your phone system on the go with our mobile app. It allows you to make and receive audio, video calls and attend meetings from your smartphone.

Unlimited Calling Facility

We offer unlimited calling to the USA, Europe and China. Besides that, we set the lowest call rates for all other calls.  

Free Upgrades

You will get free online upgrade facilities from our experts. 

No maintenance

Unlike traditional phones, it has zero maintenance cost. 

Now you can see, there are various reasons for choosing this service. If you are finding a low cost business calls solution, please feel free to call us directly. 

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