10 Most Common VoIP Security Issues

10 Most Common VoIP Security Issues

VoIP security is the most important concern these days for organizations that use VoIP phone systems in their businesses.

Welcome back to our blog section. You all must have read about VoIP business phone system, why VoIP is crucial for your business, etc. Today we are going to discuss the most common VoIP security issues that many organizations face.


We hope you are aware of fraud and unwanted emails. These are not only unwanted but also phishing techniques. Cybercriminals send these messages or emails and want you to click on the link or request you to call a certain number. 

One should never respond to such emails or messages for security reasons.

Call Hijacking

Call hijacking is a more serious kind of hacking that VoIP hackers are using these days. In this technique, when someone from your organization makes a Wi-Fi or hotspot call, the hacker attempts to hijack the call and steals the most important information of your business.

Call Tampering

Call tempering means disturbing your ongoing calls. By this technique, the hacker’s main motivation is to ruin the quality of your call. It may interrupt you during an important meeting or call.


It is a technique through which most hackers steal your personal information or credentials. After getting personal information like passwords, names, or phone numbers, they can take control of your computer/laptop or mobile phone.

Hacking the System

It is when your system is hacked or blocked, denying you access to the system. In terms of VoIP, attackers stop the service with SIP call-signalling messages, which then drops all your calls and halts call processing.

ID Spoofing

ID spoofing is a technique where an attacker can call or SMS you on behalf of another person using their caller ID. This technique is very common. Still, you have to be more careful with these types of callers.


This technique is used where the Wi-Fi connection is insecure. By this technique, attackers intercept the call and then connect it through their own servers. When they are successful, they inject certain spyware and malware into your system for future hacking.


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