Best Small Business Phone Systems and Services in 2020


The best VoIP service for small businesses opens up a new dimension in 2020.  All the small businesspersons want the HD quality cloud-based VoIP services in the UK. Moreover, the use of smartphones includes some new services to their existing VoIP plans. Now Mobile Device Management (MDM) is mandatory. Besides that, all businesspersons want a smooth dashboard on their computers and smartphone screens.

Indeed, the VoIP service can reduce the cost of your phone calls up to 60%. Moreover, the cloud-based VoIP service adds insights into the customer’s journey and behaviour. It includes some features like the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), predictive dialling, call routing, and

integrations with CRM software. Here, we are revealing the cheapest VoIP services in the UK.

1.      UtilityUmbrella

The UtilityUmbrella provides the cheapest cloud-based VoIP services in the UK. It offers a featured plan with a business PBX system that covers all your needs of your business. Moreover, it includes some most important features like audio and video HD call conferencing, smooth dashboard, CRM software, customer tracking, insights and many others. It has 24*7 expert support and customer service. According to the market price range, UtilityUmbrella is the best and cheapest VoIP service provider in the UK.

2.     RingCentrall Office

RingCentral Office comes with a cloud platform with some features like call conferencing, online fax, and SMS. It permits you to use their services on your smartphone and computer. It also offers HD audio and video conferencing. This is a cheap VoIP service in the UK.

3.   Aircall 

Aircall is another cloud-based UCaaS solution, which can be set up with only a couple of steps. This furnishes your business with an all in one solution with its audio and video calling facilities. It has good plans and pricing. So it is a cheap VoIP service provider in UK.

4.     Avaya OneCloud

Avaya OneCloud is the most recent all in one Unified communication service in the UK. It offers both public and hybrid cloud services. Their aim to make scalable VoIP plans for small businesses in the UK. No doubt, it offers some special features for all customers. You can choose Avaya OneCloud service.

5.     Ooma Office

The Ooma Office is the VoIP business partner of the main Ooma home telephone administration. Run-on the cloud, Ooma Office is very smooth and simple to set up and run with. However, you can use your equipment; otherwise, Ooma offers equipment whenever required. That means, it implies extra advance payments if necessary, the advantage is that Ooma offers lower monthly customer charges than its competitors in the UK.


It is interesting to note that the number of businesspersons and industry leaders focusing on a cloud-based VoIP service are overwhelming. Numerous VoIP providers were already moving their business platforms to the cloud. As more organizations go to the cloud-based system, ensuring these unified all in one solution will be the priority in 2020.

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