5 Mistakes of Social Media Marketing

Many freelancers make mistakes while managing and improving social media presence for brands. That is why, today, we have decided to write about five significant mistakes you should not make as a digital marketing expert.

Now Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are global marketplaces to promote products/ services. Do not neglect this opportunity.

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Creating a Strategy

Many freelancers and agencies do not have proper planning to promote branding and services. You should not neglect this most critical step. Ask your digital marketing partner about their planning.

Negative Feedback

Most of the businesses neglect negative feedback. They try to avoid or filter these comments. This is not good for your brand. You have to listen to your audience and solve their problems. This is a significant part of online reputation management.

As a digital marketing company, we try to maintain and manage the online reputation in the best possible way.

Deleting Comments

Now comes the most crucial part. No one likes to receive negative comments. But this is the part of a business. 

You should not delete comments on your business account. Instead, you should answer all the questions. Hire our digital marketing experts to engage your followers and generate potential leads.


Do not upload the same image, video repeatedly. Besides that, you should not share the same messages and URLs to your customers repeatedly. Social media algorithms will block all of these. 

Moreover, you should not post hate speeches, fake videos and harmful contents. These will not work. As a social media marketing agency, our primary focus is to engage and satisfy your customers.

Fake Followers

As an agency, we trust our professionals. We use white hat technique to grow your online presence. Do not use any unethical ways to increase the number of followers. 

Yes, it is a long-term process, but you need to create it organically. It would help if you focused on the contents and customer satisfaction rather than the number of followers. 

If you have a hundred loyal customers, you will get more sales than a thousand fake followers.

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