Is Content Marketing Expensive?

Content marketing is the most effective and affordable strategy in 2021. Moreover, the rate depends on your business needs.

Utility Umbrella offers the lowest rate in the UK. But we do not sacrifice the quality. Compare the rates of all other content marketing services and get the lowest price from us.

It is not so expensive, but it depends on the following factors-

1) Hourly-based

This is the best way to finalize the payment. Here you should pay on an hourly basis. It is the easiest way, and most of our clients prefer this.

2) Project-based

As a business owner, we understand that many startups cannot afford a huge budget. You can also pay us on a project basis. Here we will work at a fixed price. We prefer this for short term projects.

3) Retainer Model

Once we build good relationships with our clients and understand their businesses, we can deliver a large volume of work each month, and you can opt for a retainer pricing model. This is where our customers are willing to pay us a monthly bill.

4) Recurring Model

Generally, digital marketing services, such as SMO, SEO are long-term projects. This is an alternative of the hourly model. If you need content for other services (SEO, SMO, PPC etc.), then you should choose this model.

Is Content Marketing Expensive?

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