Get a Phone Number for Your Business: Utility Umbrella

Get a Phone Number for Your Business: Utility Umbrella

Do you have a small business? Do you need a business phone number? Then it is the right place for you. As a VoIP service provider, we are going to tell you how you will get a phone number for your brand.

What is a local number?

It starts with an area code. Get an area code for a particular city, state or region. It allows you to promote your company within your locality. Keep your existing number, and switch your number with us.

With Utility Umbrella, you will get a virtual local business number in any city of your choice. Choose a number and start using it with our no commitment-free trial period.



It improves the authority and trust in your industry

Adding more numbers establishes a local presence in multiple cities. Improve sales strategy by calling and messaging from your number.

Create a separate number for your brand

You will also get tools to improve your biz with us. We offer other services like broadband, payment solutions and energy services to provide you with all the business solutions under one umbrella.  

How are local numbers different from toll-free numbers?

Local numbers help you stay connected with your customers. Moreover, people believe in companies in their locality, because they offer better customer service at an affordable rate. Customers are more likely to answer local incoming calls than toll-free numbers.

That is why, if you use a local number, it helps you to generate more leads.

However, toll-free numbers have their own advantages. If you have a small brand and want a single number to call all over the country, then you should choose a toll-free business phone line.

Do you have doubts? Please feel free to contact our customer support team. We will discuss with you and offer the most affordable phone system for your brand.

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