How to find the best deals on business energy contracts?

For any business, one of the biggest cost expenditures is on gas and electricity bills. That’s why you should switch to the most affordable power supplier. Contact Utility Umbrella to find the best deals for your company.

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Here in this blog, we will discuss how to find the best deals on business energy contracts.

Switching to new contracts is only possible when your current contract is about to end. 

If you are not aware of when your contract ends, no need to worry. Your contractor will call you to renew services six or three months before the end of the contract.

When your supplier contacts you, it is the right time to look for different power suppliers.

During the comparison, make your latest energy bill in your hand because some contractors may ask you to enter the below details for their records:

  • Current gas and electricity suppliers name
  • Energy tariff plans and their end date
  • Supply Type
  • How much energy is being used by your company in KWH
  • How much you pay each year.

When you have found a better deal, SWITCH. Inform your existing supplier and request a final meter reading. Now your new contractor will take care of the rest.

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How long does it take to switch the energy supplier?

It takes only four weeks to switch business suppliers. You make sure that your new provider works with your existing supplier to take care of the supplies and inform you of the exact switch date.

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