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Next Day Payments

Same-Day Settlement speeds up the delivery of funds from card payments to your bank account, in just a few hours; compared to the standard 3-5 working days typically provided by card processors.

Imagine the impact of not waiting 3-5 days for your money? Dramatically improving cash flow and allowing the reinvestment of funds and energy into your business.

Imagine the impact of not waiting 3-5 days for your money. This could drastically improve cash flow and allow you to start reinvesting money and energy into your business.

Dedicated Account Manager

Outstanding customer service from your dedicated Business Development Manager, who owns any issues and works to resolve them efficiently and promptly.

Next Day Delivery

Your card machine will be dispatch & deliver within 24 hours from day that you sign the contract.

Analytics Dashboard

This unique cloud-based portal is the ultimate tool. Providing real-time data and analytics and is fee-free addition to joining our Merchant services. The portal allows you to quickly view every single transaction for either individual stores or your Company in its entirety.

Card Terminals

As card payments technology evolves, so should the payment options you offer your customers. From small local retailers to large corporate enterprises, we partner with businesses across the world. No technical jargon, no complicated fees: whether you’re taking payments in-store, online, in-app or on the go, our payments solutions are easy to use, convenient, and secure, helping to deliver the experience your customers expect, wherever and however they want to pay.

Easy Integration

Our Payment Widget allows you to quickly and easily integrate a payment form into your website by simply copying and pasting two lines of code.

Custom Design

The payment form can be adapted in colour and style to match the design of your website, creating a seamless customer experience that boosts conversion rates.

Dynamic 3D Secure

Improve customer experience, reduce charge backs and increase your transaction acceptance rates.

Payment Gateway

Simple, intuitive, secure: from payments pages to eCommerce stores, our solutions meet your needs, and help you reach customers across the world. Join the hundreds of businesses that rely on Utility Umbrella to power anytime, anywhere payments simply and seamlessly.

Usable on any device

For your computer, phone or tablet so you can take your business wherever you go. All you need is an internet connection.

No software to install.

No complex integration, expensive resources or additional software/hardware required

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual POS solution is ideal for businesses who would like to collect payments over the phone. Simply enter your client’s credit card details into the web-based payment interface. After the transaction is approved, the client receives a payment receipt via email.

Apply online in minutes

Your business can use future credit and debit card sales to raise funding for your business today.

Get your funds in days

You’ll receive the lump sum transferred directly into your bank account to use on any business requirement.

Watch your business grow

Repayments are a small % of your card sales meaning that you only repay when your customers pay you.

Cash Advance

365 Business Finance provide a refreshing take on business
finance. Business cash advances are a simple way for your
businesses to obtain funding to grow.

The application process is simple and only takes a few min-
utes. Once approved your business will receive the funds in

your account within days. Repayments are flexible and
based on your business’ card sales. That means you only
repay when you make sales to your customers. There is no
fixed repayment period, so repayments match and mirror
your business performance.

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Utility Umbrella payment technology helps you transform your customer experience, enabling you to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Whether your customers want to buy something online, over the phone, in-store or on-the-go, we make it possible. You can take your business to the next level with us.

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With an all-new look and powerful features, Ekko is the best way to ensure success for your business.

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PAX A920 - Smart Terminal

The PAX A920 is an all-in-one Point of Sale terminal, which can be used both in standalone as well as integrated mode. The Android operating system opens up the terminal for easy development and deployment of Point of Sale software solutions for merchants, especially those working within areas such as ticketing, pay-at-the-table and more.

The device includes an integrated printer & scanner and enables payment acceptance of all major card types via EMV, NFC, magnetic stripe & QR code. With Wifi or 4G connectivity, the PAX A920 can operate independently from the store’s network or in mobile environments.

Merchant Portal - Live Analytics

This unique cloud-based portal is the ultimate tool to provide you with real-time data and analytics and is a complimentary addition to joining our Merchant services. The portal allows you to quickly view every single transaction for your individual stores or for the whole company.

Real-time updates
Time-frame analysis
Data integration