WiFi Loyalty Software

WiFi Loyalty Software

This is a marketing technique for you. You can save your customer’s information and use it to create a targeted marketing campaign. Send them offers, messages and promote your business.

How can UtilityUmbrella help you?

Landing Page

Add your logo, change background and colour on the landing page. Customers that wish to access the Wi-Fi get automatically redirected to that page.

Guests List

Our programming will record the visit time and frequency, age, gender and other information to your database and create a long list of customer profiles and valid contact information. You have the option to add or delete data from your database.


Now you can send instant offers and promotions through emails and text messages. Understand audience behaviour, demographics and launch your offer at the best time. Thus, you can increase customer redemptions and loyalty to your establishment.

Grow your social media followers.
Increase your online reviews and branding.
Send messages and email to your loyal customers.
Synchronize your data to third-party marketing tools.
Use our loyalty software to promote your business.

Get Our Wi-Fi Loyalty Software

Remember that, generally, 75% of sales come from the top 15% of customers. To attract and maintain loyal customers are significant for your business. Engage your customers with our high bandwidth Wi-Fi program and promote your branding by sending promotional codes, offers and birthday wishes.