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Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

(VOIP) Can I divert my business phone to a mobile or landline number?

Yes. We can set up this facility for you. To enable it, please give us a call.

(Payments) What is the cost to accept cards?

We strive to make our rates and other charges as competitive as possible. We begin as soon as you become a customer by not charging any fees to set up your account.

(Payments) How do I begin the application process to take cards?

We schedule one of our fully-accredited, professional territory managers to visit you at your place of business. We then identify your business requirements for taking card payments and provide a tailored package that meets the needs of your organization. In addition, we explain the entire procedure and provide assistance throughout the process.

(VOIP) What do I need to start using Voice over IP?

Most important part of using Voice over IP is the internet connection. As long as there is an WiFi or Ethernet connection in your business – you are ready to go.

(Broadband) How long it takes to install new broadband line?

It’s all depends on area you are living and how many order we are processing at current time. Don’t worry! Usually installation takes up to 7 working days from day that your order has been taken.

(VOIP) Is your mobile app completely free?

Definitely it is and nothing will change. Our mobile/desktop application is included in your price – no additional fees.

(Broadband) Can I change my WiFi network name/password?

Of course. However, it requiring our engineer to do it for you. Our routers are password protected, and only our team can do that for you – completely for free.

(Energy) How long it's take to switch energy provider?

Usually it’s 14 working days.

(WiFi Loyalty) IS your software GDPR Compliant?

Our software is fully stable and design with latest security/law requirements.

(Payments) How long it takes to receive funds into my bank accounts?

We are providing to our customers Next Day Payments, which means you will receive your funds next working day.

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