Utility Umbrella - Story behind

Utility Umbrella was established over 3 years ago to help entrepreneurs get their products/services to market effectively and stay ahead of competition. We also helped those who were equipped with only a dream and without real assets, to get on the path to success.

Our goal is to help thousands of SME businesses to stand out in their industry. Above all, we equip them with the latest technology to deliver excellent products and services. We see our current customers as family members under our wing, consulting and supporting them continually with new solutions and supporting any issues they have.

What makes us so unique is the diversity of the team, which ranges from different cultures, career background and ages. We came together to create one future – a community of happy business customers. We combined our expertise to create a business like no other; a one stop shop for everything a business would need to flourish. Therefore day-to-day operations should be seamless and without hassle, with everything in one location and someone human always there to answer the phone.

Utility Umbrella was designed to go against the grain of society. The principles are simple – Bleed passion, go that extra mile and make someone’s day just that little bit easier.

You are our best interest. If you grow, we grow!

To your success…

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